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My divorce was one of the lowest points in my life; fortunately, there was Genevieve. From my first meeting, she inspired my confidence and won my trust. From that point on, I knew I would make it through the infamously unpleasant divorce process unscathed. She was smart and diligent, always fighting for my financial and emotional well-being. In my highly contentious case, Genevieve was able to protect my financial assets, and, more importantly, assure me 50% custody of my children. I have recommended Genevieve to several my friends, both attorneys and non-attorneys, and they have all thanked me profusely.

– M.B., Oakland County

Genevieve was personal and sympathetic, yet tough when I needed her to be. She made me feel comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation. Divorce is emotional and scary, I felt at ease with Genevieve and knew immediately upon our first meeting, that she would fight hard for me and would do her best not to incur unnecessary costs, which is exactly what she did! I am so thankful that I received the referral and will pay it forward by referring her to my friends and family.

– T.D., St. Clair County

In Grosse Pointe we have a great mediator in Genevieve Tusa. … She handled my divorce with complete impartiality and professionalism. ... She initially aimed at reconciliation, but since that was not possible walked us through the process to fairly and equitably create a divorce solution for the benefit of both of us. ... Genevieve is professional, kind, compassionate and is a great listener ... .

– Anonymous, Grosse Pointe

Genevieve Tusa is perfect for anyone who needs guidance or representation regarding any steps in a divorce process. Divorces can be very painful and difficult. Genevieve Tusa is the perfect lawyer to assist you and help you. She is very professional, offers accurate information, and looks after her client’s best interest. She answered my questions, no matter how trivial (even on the weekend!), and took time out of her day. As my legal counsel, she was stellar, and she is worth every dollar she charges for her services. She helped me bring my divorce to an end. What I like most about her is that she does exactly what her client wants her to do for them. In a divorce case that’s crucial!

– S.G., Macomb County

Words cannot express how tremendously grateful I am to Ms. Tusa for her sincere compassion and legal assistance during one of the most challenging times in my life. I am truly appreciative of Ms. Tusa’s level of expertise and professionalism. She is very courteous and genuinely committed to her clients.

Regardless of the time or the importance of my matter, every phone call and email was promptly and personally returned. With each circumstance that arose, Ms. Tusa gave practical advice and supplied necessary information to allow me to make my own informed decisions. She guided me through the entire legal process, yet never lost her patience despite my frequent and overwhelming inquiries. She provided a support system and served as a mentor, exceeding the scope of what lawyers today are expected to do.

In short, lawyers like Ms. Tusa are truly rare. I would never hesitate to use or refer her outstanding services in the future. Thank you Ms. Tusa for your highly valued professional services.

– Muhammad H., Wayne County

During the time I was going through my divorce Genevieve’s calm nature and knowledge of the law made me feel very comfortable and was very reassuring. She found me peace and I am forever grateful to her for taking my case.

– J.E., Wayne County

C.Y., Wayne County

Going through a divorce was one of the most stressful moments in my life but having Genevieve Tusa to represent me was the easiest decision I had to make.

Genevieve was not only professional and very knowledgeable but personable as well. Her communication skills were impeccable. She was always there to answer all of the numerous questions I had for her. Genevieve is very dedicated and compassionate about her work.

– C.Y., Wayne County