Divorce Litigation

There are a number of ways to divorce in Michigan: through mediation, Collaborative Divorce, settlement negotiations, or after a trial. Though courtrooms, testimony, and a judge’s ruling are what most people imagine when they picture a divorce, the reality is that the vast majority—about 95%—of Michigan divorces settle short of a trial.

Settlement is often the best outcome in a divorce, as it spares the expense and emotional strain of a trial and gives the parties more control over the terms of their divorce.

But sometimes, for whatever reason, parties are simply unable to arrive at a reasonable settlement. There may be an unequal distribution of power within the couple, or there may be issues of substance abuse or mental illness that make negotiation impossible. In divorces with significant or complex assets, a couple may be unable to reach a settlement because they are unable to agree upon how to value the assets or how they should be divided.

In those situations, divorce litigation may be the best option. When litigation is necessary, it is essential to be represented by an attorney who has the litigation experience to prepare a solid case and present it to the court in an effective manner. Because so few divorces actually go to trial, some family law attorneys may not have the litigation background to try a case to its best advantage.

Attorney Genevieve Tusa is different. Having begun her career as a litigator in private practice, and then serving as a prosecutor and as Assistant Attorney General for the State of Michigan, she has extensive trial experience, including complex financial matters. She is well-equipped to litigate any family law case, knowing just what arguments to make and what evidence to present in support of them. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, she is especially skilled in litigating high-asset divorces and divorces with complex assets.

Even if you believe your case will be one of those that does not go to trial, there are excellent reasons to have a strong litigator as your attorney. Often, divorces that the parties expect to be simple and amicable devolve into bitter disagreement and entrenched positions as they proceed. Settlement may have looked likely, but suddenly litigation is looming. Even if your case does settle, it’s best to have a litigator in your corner: an attorney who knows how to litigate effectively will have a better sense of whether a settlement is reasonable, and will never recommend a subpar settlement simply to avoid a trial.

Genevieve Tusa is skilled in a variety of dispute resolution techniques, including litigation, in order to be able to offer Tusa Law’s clients the best possible option for a favorable outcome in their divorce.

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