Family Law Appeals

Judges wield a great deal of power in a family law case, but they are human beings like everyone else, and as such, they are susceptible to making mistakes. When a judge incorrectly interprets or applies the law in your situation, filing an appeal may be the only way to avoid an unjust outcome.

Appeals are very different from trials. No new evidence or testimony is presented, and the case is not re-tried. Rather, the appellate court reviews the trial court’s decision, along with the arguments that were made at trial and the evidence presented in support of them.

Because of the narrow focus of an appellate matter, attorneys who handle appeals must be deeply familiar with the law that applies to the case and with the details of the trial record. At Tusa Law, we devote ourselves to the research, legal analysis, and articulate, concise writing that leads to success in an appellate matter. We take pride in our ability to define appellate issues in terms of the proper standard of review, analyze the complex details of the trial record, and craft a persuasive written argument in support of your legal position.

Most family law attorneys do not handle appellate cases because of the time and effort involved. At Tusa Law, we are willing to undertake the painstaking work of an appeal because we are dedicated to achieving a just outcome for our clients at whatever level necessary.

Although the mechanics of appellate practice differ from those of trial practice, the way we work with our clients remains the same. We remain mindful that the work we do affects the lives of real people, and that each client we represent is unique. Because of this, we make an effort to keep our clients informed and to respond promptly to their calls and questions about the case. Our commitment is always to serving the needs of our clients.

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