Practice Areas

On many legal websites, attorneys will describe rules of law and legal procedures that may relate to divorce and family law matters. All of this information can be confusing and overwhelming, not to mention meaningless outside of your individual circumstances.

At Tusa Law, we strongly believe that every family law matter is highly unique. We are here to help you create your own fully developed agenda for your most beneficial outcome. Only after we consider the particulars of your family law concerns will it become apparent what your next options are. We work intimately with every individual client to arrive at properly informed decisions. You may be a candidate for mediation, and you may benefit from a collaborative divorce process, but you may also need immediate court intervention.

Ms. Tusa has tried hundreds of bench and jury trials as a former Wayne County Prosecutor and Assistant Attorney General for the State of Michigan.  She is familiar with the courtroom, and not afraid to aggressively litigate when the case calls for this approach. Only upon a mutual attorney-client review of your distinct situation will it be clear how to proceed. We are here for you first, and we will successfully navigate through your best options together, every step of the way.

You may learn more about some elements of our practice below. For information about how we can serve you, please contact Tusa Law.

Divorce Litigation

If we decide to go to court, our top priority is a gratified client. With over 20 years of trial experience as a prosecutor and civil litigator, Ms. Tusa will advance a winning strategy at every turn. Read More

Divorce Mediation

A certified, licensed mediator herself, Ms. Tusa is a strong advocate for mediation under the right circumstances. Often times early case mediation is extremely helpful in keeping legal costs and emotions under control. Read More

Collaborative Divorce

Certified by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) and well connected to a host of exceptional professionals assisting in the divorce process, Ms. Tusa is at the cutting edge of alternative family law options. Read More

Family Law Appeals

At Tusa Law, we devote ourselves to legal analysis and concise writing that leads to success in an appellate matter. We analyze the complex details of the trial record and craft a persuasive written argument in support of your legal position. Read More